Members of Sandal Art Group had an exhibition of their own work at a meeting last year at West Yorkshire Sports Club

The Battle for Sandal Castle - One of the attractions at the popular 2019 medieval fun day. For more, go to the Castle Friends page on this website

This blossom tree on Sinclair Garth was typical of the many that brought a splash of spring colour to Sandal

The SCA has presented Wakefield Hospice with £925 - £500 from SCA funds and the rest through generous donations by members. See SCA News page.

These youngsters were among those celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day on May 8. More photos on our News page

Nurse Fluorescent Florence, complete with lamp, was one of the dsiplays in Sandal's Scarecrow Salute to our Heroes. More on our News page.

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The Association's story

Sandal Community Association serves a thriving neighbourhood on the outskirts of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We were formed in 2004 with the aim of organising community events and keeping a watch on local planning and traffic issues.

The subscription is only £6 per household, a small amount each year but it helps us provide hanging baskets and Sandal’s annual cut Christmas tree, although we have planted a living tree which is growing strongly. To find out more about joining us, go to our Membership page.

Co-operation with other groups

The SCA has a track record of working closely with other local groups, including the Friends of Sandal Castle, Sandal Gardening Club, Sandal Art Group and the Sandal Fundraising Group for Wakefield Hospice, all of whom have pages on our website where you will find them in the Community drop-down list. We also run Facebook pages for the last two.

Our researchers have spent years digging out stories behind the names on local war memorials, building up a huge archive which you can explore on our War Dead pages.


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