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Sandal Community Association aims to further the interests of residents by seeking to: 

  • Protect and enhance the quality of our environment for present and future generations
  • Provide information and raise awareness of planning, community and traffic issues widely throughout the area
  • Offer a basis for dialogue and contact with Wakefield District Council and to make an input into development planning processes
  • Encourage community spirit through social events

To join the Association (£6 per annum for each household) go to our Membership page where you can access a printable membership form. Alternatively contact any SCA officer. For other matters, please contact us using the form on our Contact page and we will reply as soon as possible.

MESSAGE SERVICE: The SCA has an email service through which members receive newsletters and other announcements. This is why it important we have your email address which we will not divulge to any third party.

Association officers

Association officers and committee members:

Chairman: Les Goddard 01924 252282

Vice chairman: Dr Keith Souter 01924 256201

Secretary: Val Carter 01924 254659

Treasurer: Brian Lister 01924 251777 Mob: 07866 100383

Press & Publicity Officer: Richard Taylor 01924 256644

Committee members: Monica Graham (founder), Roger Homes (planning & environment), Phil Carter, Ray Watson, Harriet Swainson, Anna Sykes, Richard Hunt, Roger Holmes, Karl Johnson

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TOP: SCA member Roger Brown's drawing illustrates some of Sandal's best known features, including St Helen's Church, the Duke of York monument, the Three Houses pub, Sandal Castle Primary School (formerly Sandal Endowed School), the village pump and, of course, Sandal Castle.

RIGHT: Each year the SCA provides Sandal with a Christmas tree. The now traditional switch-on of the lights is followed by a very popular family social in Sandal Castle Primary School, highlights of which include the children singing festive songs and a visit by Santa.


Association newsletters

The SCA distributes a newsletter around Sandal twice a year, providing local updates and news of forthcoming events. There was no newsletter in April 2020 because of the coronavirus crisis. Here you can  download past newsletters. 

Newsletter No 1 January 2005

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